Download for ESA-member states only

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The COMPASS Toolset and its documentation is available for download to anyone within the ESA member states under the terms outlined by the respective licenses. Residents in or inhabitants of the non-ESA member states are not allowed access to the distribution below. In that case, you can contact support for Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) details.


Version 3.1 (October 2019 release) is the latest version of the COMPASS Toolset. It is designed to run within Ubuntu 16.04. The distribution consists of the following items:

  • Part 1/2: redistributable part of the COMPASS toolset licensed under the COMPASS Public License and the GNU Public License.
  • Part 2/2: non-redistributable backends of the COMPASS toolset licensed under FBK’s Additional Components License.
  • User manual describing installation and user operation procedures.
  • Tutorial to get acquainted with the toolset.
  • SLIM specification document.
  • Virtual machine image.

To ease first-time use, we recommend you to download our customised virtual machine image. It is pre-configured with all the necessary software dependencies and contains all the distribution items mentioned above. The virtual machine image may not be redistributed because it contains Part 2/2 of the COMPASS toolset.

All download items are available by filling out the form below.


Documentation for the COMPASS toolset, including the user manual and tutorial, can also be accessed from the documentation page.

Download Request Form

The download works in two steps. (1) You fill out the form below and click request. (2) An email will be send to you within an hour containing download-links that are active for 24 hours. If you do not receive an email, please check your email-filters and otherwise, drop in an email through support.


Licensing of the COMPASS toolset towards ESA-member states consists of the following parts:

  • CPL-part: this part of the COMPASS toolset falls under the COMPASS Public License.
  • GPL-part: this part of the COMPASS toolset falls under the GNU Public License.
  • CGM License: the COMPASS graphical modeller falls under the CGM License.
  • Restricted Redistribution part: this part of the COMPASS toolset falls under FBK’s Additional Components License.


The COMPASS Toolset and documentation come as they are, and no guaranteed support or warranty can be expected (unless you have a contractual agreement with the COMPASS consortium). Community support (on which COMPASS teammembers are active) is reachable through