Frequently Asked Questions

Case studies

Are the industrial case studies included in the toolset distribution?

The industrial case studies developed during the COMPASS project contain details which are confidential and hence, the case studies are not available for the public.

Virtual Machine

Does the virtual image also work in VirtualBox, KVM, Parallels?

The virtual image is in Open Virtualization Format, which is an industrial standard for exchanging virtual machines. It is known to work on VMWare and VirtualBox.

VMWare Player Crashes on the OVA image. What should I do?

This is a bug in the OVF parser of VMWare Player for Linux. A workaround is to untar the OVA file by “tar xvf compass-vm-2.3.ova”. This should result into a OVF and a VMDK file. Then download this VMX file. Put it in the same directory as the VMDK file. You can then load the VMX file in VMWare Player for Linux.


Where is the link to download the COMPASS toolset?

You should receive the download-links immediately by email from after registration on our download-page. If you have not received an email with the links, please check the email-address you entered and your (spam-)filters.


I am a citizen of one of the European Space Agency’s member states, but work for a non-ESA member state company. Am I allowed to download and use the toolset?

All legal persons (e.g. citizens, institutes, companies, governments) of the European Space Agency’s member states are entitled private use and study of the COMPASS toolset according to the conditions outlined in the COMPASS Public License and FBK’s Additional Components License. This also applies if that legal person is outside one of ESA’s member states.

I work for a company/institute that is not within one of ESA’s member states, nor am I a citizen of one of ESA’s member states. How can I obtain the COMPASS toolset?

All legal persons of non-ESA member states may apply for a technology transfer procedure. After approval by both the ESA’s technology transfer board and FBK, the COMPASS toolset can be made available to you. Additional conditions might apply.