Welcome to FAME!

The FAME Project is an international research project for developing an FDIR development and V&V process. It is based on the COMPASS project, which it extends by new functionalities.

The project was started in July 2012 and was concluded in May 2014. The consortium consists of the European Space Agency (funder), Thales Alenia Space Italia (prime contractor), Thales Alenia Space France (industrial subcontractor), and Fondazione Bruno Kessler (research subcontractor).


  • FMECA and FTA results become available late in the process, leading to late initiation of the FDIR development, which has a detrimental effect on the eventual FDIR maturity.
  • All possible fault and failure combinations are inherently complex to analyse and to define an adequate FDIR strategy for.
  • As various sub-systems and equipment tend to incorporate some local FDIR functionalities, the global FDIR concept shall account for coordination of the local FDIR elements to achieve the FDIR coherency.
  • Safety-critical systems being double failure tolerant need adequate FDIR operation in all double failure configurations and their propagation.
  • Currently employed approaches to FDIR development are poorly phased.
  • No dedicated approach to FDIR development exists.

Study Objectives

  • Definition of an FDIR development methodology based on formal specification and analysis techniques.
  • Definition of an FDIR development and V&V process based on the aforementioned methodology, encompassing the full FDIR lifecycle.
  • Development of the Failure and Anomaly Management Engineering (FAME) environment implementing the process and allowing for the system-level coherent definition, specification, development, and V&V of the FDIR functionalities.
  • Demonstration of the approach on case studies.
  • Evaluation of the adequacy of the approach and developed environment for use in the context of critical on-board space systems and software development.